Saturday, January 15, 2011

Concrete sylin (Bad Bitch edition) Amber Rose & Rosa Acosta Lock Lips + Rihanna Says Nicki Minaj Is Her Sex...

New Artist/Mixtape Review (Cole World)

Name: J Cole

Hometown: Fayetteville,NC

Label: Roc Nation

Friday Night Lights is the debut mixtape from Roc Nation artist J Cole.   Friday night lights is full of personal tracks with witty punchlines & metaphors.  He speaks about the struggles of growing up in the hood and eventually making it to college to embark on  new challenges.  J Cole stands out from other artist in the game because he shares stories with his listeners instead of spitting the normal braggadocios rhyming were used to on the airwaves. Friday night lights definitely proves that J Cole is one of the best freshmen lyricist of this generation.

Friday, January 14, 2011

Concrete Stylin - Amber Rose

Amber rose was spotted in L.A. a few days ago filming her reality show.  she had an unknown bald beauty with her as she sported a very masculine get up.  Amber is best known for her high publicized relationship with rapper Kanye West.  the two parted ways early last year.  Nice roley!!!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Decoded by Jay-Z

Decoded is a autobiography written by Jay-Z himself along with author Dream Hampton.  The books breaks down the lyrics from past & present songs from the rapper.  Jay-Z also shares his life growing up on the gritty streets of Brooklyn and how he was able to bring his hustle into his business life.  This is a good book for upcoming MC's that want to break in the buisness.

(New Joint) Kanye West - Eyes Closed Featuring John Legend

dont know where this track will end up, but its a cool cut.

(New Shit) Trey Songz - Spray (Prod. by Salaam Remi)

Trey at it again huh? could'nt let the new year rang in without something new from the young crooner. 3/5

Concrete Style (Rugby Ralph Lauren)

Rugby is often referred to as ralph laurens little brother.  The rugby look is clean, preppy & retro.  Rugby is very different from the traditional ralph lauren collection, with its vibrant colors and sports jersey influenced patches.  Rugby Ralph Lauren is whats manly seen on the youth in the concrete republic.

Kanye West ft. Jay-Z - That's My Bitch

Thats My Bitch is a Track that was released ealier this fall. no word yet where this cut will end up 4/5

New Artist/Mixtape Review: (I Do It)

                                                                             Name:Big Sean
                                                                           Hometown:Detroit, MI
                                                                           Label: Good Music
 Kanye West Protege Big Sean is ready to step out on his own, with his new mixtape Finally famous Vol.3. he is definatley bringing something new to the rap game, with his supa dupa style of rapping.  he discovered and patend the supa dupa style that is used by many acts in the rap game such as, lil wayne, Drake, nicki minaj and many others.  His debut album finally famous the album will be out later this year. 4/5

Eminem- Cocaine Featuring Jazmine Sullivan

Cocaine is a unrelesed track from em's recovery session.  The track features Songstress Jazmine Sullivan and talks about the addiction to fame and drugs.  The mixture of eminem's hardcore flow with Jazmine's soulful vocals is a good combination. shortly before the new year Jazmine Sullivan announced her departure from the music industry. shes a very talented young lady, the game need hers. 5/5

(New Shit) Kanye West feat. Jay-Z - H.A.M.

This track serves as Jay-Z & Kanye's first single from their upcoming album Watch For The Thrown.  H.A.M. is an acroynm for Hard as a motherfucka.  The track is produced by Lex Luger ( Hard in the paint, 
B.M.F., Lights Out) in which whom is known for his signature sound.  It is believed that Hov is taking shots at fellow CEO Brian Baby Williams, in which whom he's been going back & forth with on who withholds the most profit.“I’m like really half a billi n-gga, Really you got baby money, Keep it real with n-ggas, N-ggas aint got my lady money” – Jay-z. 5/5